Confirmed with Tucker for tonight!

About 5:25 PT, maybe a little earlier? Excited!


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11 responses to “Confirmed with Tucker for tonight!

  1. Kathleen Anderberg

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Tonight was the first time I’d ever seen a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight wipe the floor with him. And he deserved it, apparently having been infected with the welfare state virus. Thank you for putting him in his place.

  3. markbaron2845

    Saw you on Tucker Carlson this evening. Liked what I heard & saw. Peikoff rang a bell. Decided to check you out. Leonard Peikoff’s ‘ End States Who Sponsor Terrorism’, Oct. 2001…most relevant ever in print. Looking forward to your book ‘Legalizing Privacy: Why and How’.
    My cousin Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, as you know, co-wrote ‘Right To Privacy. Harvard Law Review, December 15, 1890. I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous with 40 years of being alcohol and drug free. Thank you Amy.

  4. Laurie Sapp

    Amy, just want to let you know that you did a great job and held your own tonight on the Fox show. Tucker Carlson sounded like a Socialist/Liberal tonight.

  5. Jack

    Hi Amy,
    I just watched your interview with Tucker Carlson. Though understood he was speaking personally, I immediately thought Tucker stepped in it when he appealed to his faith as the foundation for his moral outrage at Amazon. As much as I agree​ with you’re response, I have since been asking myself, Must the foundations or justifications of all our beliefs – be they moral or otherwise – must they be acceptable to all? Not, rational, sound or valid. But, need they be assented to, agreed with and approved of by those who disagree with them as a condition for acceptability? If so, how broadly accepted and to what degree?
    Enjoyed the interview and will continue to follow.

  6. Paul

    Congratulations! Very nice. I watched Tucker (and I like him) and this time he really was lost. I haven’t seen that before.
    Keep on doing the good, brave work! Thank you.
    ps. I still like Tucker, I hope he learned something from you 🙂

  7. Dan

    Agree w all the above comments. I never heard of you before and was very impressed and I felt compelled to write bc from a conservative standpoint, Tucker was well off point as like you said, the market dictates….it does not and should not matter if you are the wealthiest person alive or only employ one person. So on behalf of us and hopefully Tucker, I apologize for him scorning your well communicated objections and explanations.

  8. Ramon Martinez

    First time on your blog… very impressed with the calm even db of your voice and the way to showed Mt. Carlson how wrong he was… He found himself using his trademark dismissive laughter on the ideas that you were putting forth. Congratulations

  9. John Mullinax

    Told my wife. You should have seen Carlson get his clock cleaned by this woman I’ve never seen. It was like she was right out of an Ayn Rand novel. Well, I did some research and you were indeed like a Dagny Taggart.

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