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My Super Dangerous Content was Removed from YouTube

Watch it…if you dare!

I woke up this morning to a love letter from YouTube, which reads in relevant part:

I have appealed, and have asked, should they decide not to reinstate my content, to let me know what, exactly, violated their policy against “medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19.” I’ll let you know what I learn.

Regardless, the fact that their explicitly stated policy is to use government proclamations as a standard for what content is permitted on their platform, shows that they are serving as willing lackeys of government, and are therefore censoring, in the strict sense. Given the delay between broadcast and removal, I believe this was more likely due to a report by a disgruntled viewer (or non-viewer heckler), rather than even their easily counfoundable AI. So let’s hope YouTube gets this right!

In the meantime, if you want to check out the super dangerous content and decide for yourself whether it should be permitted on the Internet, you can check it out on Rumble here: 

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