Just do it.

sorry, couldn’t resist

ICYMI, you can watch my segment on Tucker Carlson’s show here.


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2 responses to “Just do it.

  1. markbaron2845

    Taking both you & Tucker out of context and negating any interaction between you two; you’re objective viewpoint is correct & I see Tucker’s sentiment & emotionalism as it is.
    Michael Savage is correct; ‘Liberalism is a Mental Disorder’, but it is also a grave, emotional disorder !

  2. Jim c

    I’m not sure if you made Tucker look like an idiot or he just made himself look like an idiot but you need to be on that show more often and you need to get the word out that people like Tucker can’t start carrying water for the Liberals and absurd commentary like ” living wage” there’s nothing worse then the approximate according to our hero Ayn Rand and she is right.

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