Tentatively Scheduled to Appear on Fox with Tucker Tomorrow

Just an FYI. And as usual, the appearance can be bumped for breaking news, etc. They’ll confirm midday tomorrow and when they do, I’ll post again.

Thanks, all, for your support!


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3 responses to “Tentatively Scheduled to Appear on Fox with Tucker Tomorrow

  1. John Wiant

    I’ve never seen anyone “kick Tucker’s butt” like you did tonight. You didn’t even need to get into the weeds about some people / who for example, may get a low wage, but may also have kids to feed as well, etc. (which could likely explain WHY they are on food stamps, no matter who they work for). I don’t think you should return to Tucker’s show however, unless he starts PAYING you! 🙂 Thanks for that / it was nice to finally see somebody embarrass Tucker with a simple question like, “WHY?”

  2. Saw you on Tucker.
    1. You are my ideal woman.
    A. You’re brilliant.
    B. Beautiful to behold. Your eyes ..,.., almost Asian but not. Like headlights. To be the focus of them would be as if pinned and about to be seen in totality, in the essence.
    C. I would ask you what your thoughts are on charity. The idea that a need is a claim is obscene. I might resist or call police if I were robbed at knife point. But if asked I often give freely to needy people. But I am not obliged.
    But nether am I obliged to dismiss their need, however they arose.
    D. I would ask about certain quirks that causes some men to desire to be owned by a beautiful woman. Is it possible to simultaneously aspire to voluntary slavery and be Objective?

  3. Gary Bertagnolli

    You owned him. I actually like watching Tucker most of the time. But you have it so right. The problem is the social programs.

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