Sunday’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” on BlogTalk Radio starting at 5 p.m. PT

On Sundays I conduct a live webcast in which I discuss news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. You are invited to get in on the discussion tomorrow, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

Tomorrow will be our third live webcast on BlogTalkRadio.

If you join in live, you’ll have the ability to communicate with me and other listeners via text chat, which is provided on my BlogTalkRadio show page, and also by phoning in, either on your phone or via Skype (using Skype’s calling service, which unfortunately is not free, but it’s cheap). The advantage of this platform is that there is no registration required to listen to the show. As before, if you are not able to attend live, the recorded podcast will be available later Sunday evening or Monday morning, so you can download it and listen to it at your leisure during the following week. Links to subscribe to the show, via iTunes and other audio media platforms, are provided on my BlogTalkRadio show page as well. (Several episodes recorded on my previously used platform are still easily accessible on iTunes here, or by clicking on the “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” tag at the bottom of this post.)

Here is the link specifically for tomorrow’s show.

Topics planned for tomorrow include: Does the sheer number of Cain accusers mean that we should think there must be something to the allegations? How did the candidates perform in the debates this week? Who is your favorite at this point? For whom could you tolerate voting? Is there yet another truly horrible provision of Obamacare, one that might also make it unconstitutional? What does it say about our culture that college students are more upset about a coach being fired, than about the sexual abuse he helped to cover up? And more…

I hope you can join us!

P.S. If you’d like to get an idea of my perspective on the candidates’ performance this week, check out my Twitter feed @AmyPeikoff, and this post about Mitt Romney.

UPDATE: We’ll also talk about Frank Miller’s blog post on Occupy Wall Street.

UPDATE 2: The live show is now over. Thanks to everyone for participating live, especially for the new callers! Those who missed it can find the archived recording here.











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3 responses to “Sunday’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” on BlogTalk Radio starting at 5 p.m. PT

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  2. I would like to discuss voting strategies. Dr. Hurd has suggested that we should vote for any Republican just to get rid of Obama. Dr. Bingswanger has suggested that whoever is President is less important than having the Republicans recapture the Senate (I presume he is thinking that Gridlock is the best strategy). Are there other strategies? What are the pros and cons of each strategy?

    • Definitely we can discuss that. I have some ideas, and maybe you’d want to call in and share some of yours as well? We still don’t know who the nominee will be, but this topic can be revisited when we do.

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