Recorded Podcast of Today’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” is available at BlogTalk Radio

You can listen to and download today’s episode here.

Topics discussed:

Why Herman Cain should not be called upon to prove a negative, or, 5 x 0 = 0

Frank Miller on the Occupy Wall Street “movement.”

What we learned about the GOP candidates from their performance in the debates this week, and what voting strategies we are considering for the 2012 election. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, will you vote for him? What about Cain or Gingrich, or some combination of the two?

Yet another terrible, likely unconstitutional provision of Obamacare. This one is worse, more fiendish, than anything Rand imagined for her novel, Atlas Shrugged.

Lots of lively discussion, both in the chat room, and from the callers. Thanks to everyone who joined in!


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6 responses to “Recorded Podcast of Today’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” is available at BlogTalk Radio

  1. Harold in FL

    Newt lives in Northern VA so it looks like a Cain-Gingrich ticket is legally OK. I stand corrected. Cains heart is in the right place as goes ideology and Gingrich would bring inside knowledge about effectively working with the congress.
    It is better to have an ideologically strong ticket than to go ahead with a pragmatist like Romney, who makes Nixon and Dole look good. The practical campaign work to get Cain-Gingrich elected will automatically work itself out if the public is motivated and believes in the ticket. McCain in 2008 was just not getting large numbers of people to show up at his rallies. I don’t think that Cain-Gingrich will have that problem.

    0 x 5 = 0 (The new 9-9-9 chant)

    Harold in FL

    • Thanks for double-checking that, and also for calling in to recall some of Leonard Peikoff’s lessons in logic 🙂 Did you ever hear his “Introduction to Logic” course? I would post a link, but I can’t seem to find it available anymore.

  2. Harold in FL

    Some acronyms.

    ACORN – American Communist Organized Revolutionary Nuts

    OBAMA – Opulent Bureaucratic Anti-American Marxist Agitator

    ROMNEY – Rich Olympic Manager ….

    CAIN – Capitalist American Innovates Nation

  3. ROMNEY – Recycled Olympic Managing Nixonian Ethical Yo-yo

    Feel free to improve on these acronyms if you have better ideas. Brain-storming works better with more heads. Enjoy the Rhino Song.

  4. J.H.

    Why can’t i find it on itunes anymore?

    • Because I’ve switched platforms to BlogTalk Radio, you have to subscribe to their archives of my show. To do that, just go to my page at BlogTalk Radio (button on right side of this page) and click on the iTunes logo/button there. Then you’ll be automatically subscribed. Thanks for listening!

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