R.O.M.N.E.Y. = Republican Ominously Morphs into Neo – Egalitarian Yes-man

Sorry if the acronym is a bit corny, but after hearing a bunch of  big-government prescriptions from “Republican” candidate Mitt Romney in tonight’s debate, I couldn’t resist.

Here are some choice tidbits:

1. He said, when asked why he supported a progressive income tax: “I want to take our precious dollars, as a nation….” Whose dollars?!

2. He said that we should get health care “to work more like a market.” How about having it work as a free market — i.e., get government out of health care?

3. He said, “Government is playing too heavy a role in health care.” Translation: Government — i.e., force — has a role to play in health care. My answer: it has no such role. Government is force. A gun is not a doctor. It cannot diagnose, treat or cure anything.

4. Romney proudly announces that he plans to cap spending … at 20% Of course he didn’t bother to say what I assume he means, which is 20% of GDP. Romney thinks he’s saying something bold when he says he wants the government to spend 1/5 of our gross domestic product on government.

5. Romney says “I love free trade, but…” and then says he plans to “crack down on cheaters like China” in the form of higher tariffs. This will make goods from China more expensive, at a time when he and others on stage were saying they did not want to increase taxes. Huh?

And that’s just the five things I happened to catch in one debate. Romney can use the phrase “free enterprise” in his plan all he wants; that’s not what he stands for.

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