Interview with Robb Wolf, Special Parler Q & A

Sorry it’s been so long. Funny thing happened to me: I got hired to work for Parler, doing policy. I am loving it, but I am super busy. Finally, I made time to do a show, but only in part because I’m welcoming one of my favorite people, Robb Wolf, over to Parler.

Today I had the privilege of speaking to Robb for a little over an hour. We talked about the benefits of a meat-based diet, Cancel Culture and its effects on his efforts to share his work with the world, COVID (of course), and more! Check it out here:

Make sure to check out all the great work Robb does at his web site:

And join me and others over at his community, The Healthy Rebellion.

And of course, follow him on Parler!

His latest book, co-authored with Diana Rodgers, which we discussed in the interview, is available here on Amazon: Sacred Cow.

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Yaron and Amy: Law, Order, and Immunity, TODAY at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT)

The Yaron and Amy Show returns today, on the sixth day of civil unrest and riots following the killing of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis. One thing that could, that should, quell the unrest, would be for our leaders–particularly Donald Trump–to support the withdrawal of legal immunity for police misconduct. This is supported by people across the political spectrum, and yet Trump seems able only to exhort “Law and Order!” without addressing the real need for legal reform.

Meanwhile, with respect to social media platforms, he’s so eager to remove *their* legal immunity that he doesn’t even bother going to Congress first–he signs an executive order.

These stories and more on today’s show, which will be broadcast live on Yaron’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc. See Program Notes, below.

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Program Notes

Trump Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists’ and Urges Governors to Seek ‘Retribution’

Legal immunity for police misconduct, under attack from left and right, may get Supreme Court review HT Benjamin Chayes

Trump signs executive order targeting social media companies

Joe Biden doesn’t like Trump’s Twitter order, but still wants to revoke Section 230

Facebook employees stage a virtual walkout over Zuckerberg’s inaction on Trump posts

U.S. health experts, officials warn protests may add to virus spread HT Amesh Adalja

Surging Hormones: Brain-Behavior Interactions During Puberty

The Wahls Protocol

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Barr and Wray are Coming for Your Apple Encryption

An extra I did earlier this week, after Tom Hall sent me the video of a press conference by Attorney General Barr and FBI Director Wray, “arguing” for a legislative ban on Apple iPhone encryption technology. Watch the conference along with me, and let me know if you think their argument is any good. (Spoiler: I did not.)

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