Two Quick Things!

First, in case you aren’t following me elsewhere and haven’t heard, the Center for the Legalization of Privacy has been granted leave to file an amicus brief in United States v. Facebook. Read more about that here.

Second, after all of you come back from a fabulous, restful weekend, I’ll be having a supporter-only Hangout on Monday. So, those of you who are contributors via Pay Pal, watch your email for your exclusive Zoom meeting invitation. Thank you!

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None of the Above, with James Valliant, returns TODAY at 4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT)

Hong Kong, the firing of John Bolton, my work to Legalize Privacy, and more! I hope you can join us live, but if not, the recorded show will be available for viewing at the same link, here:

If you’d like to support my efforts to Legalize Privacy, as well as the other forms of intellectual activism I engage in, here are a few ways to do so:

Or, support me by using my special Amazon link here.

A few Program Notes:

Legalize Privacy

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Today’s Hangout for Supporters/Patrons/Subscribers

If you’ve been following me this week, you’ve seen that there are now three ways to support the work that I do. First, there’s what some of you have been doing here via my blog: supporting me via PayPal. Second, I rebooted my account on Patreon. And third, I just joined–and finally got approved yesterday–on Subscribe Star.

Today I held a special Hangout for “Early Bird” supporters/patrons/subscribers, and the recording of that hangout will be available to anyone who signs up to support me, in any of those ways. Thanks to the few of you who joined me live, particularly to Daniel for the impromptu discussion! Look forward to doing another Hangout next Friday.

Thanks for your support!


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