FCC to Apple and Google: Obey Our Wishes to Own the Communists


The famous invocation from Up—a movie whose sense of life I’m not sure any informed human being will be able to experience again—is essentially what the FCC’s Brendan Carr has said to Apple, Google—and now the rest of us—in an official letter to the two tech giants’ CEOs. In the letter, published on Twitter earlier this week, Carr warns the two leaders of the danger posed by TikTok, and urges them to remove the app from their app stores. 

The concerns seem legitimate enough. If a recently released report from Buzzfeed News is accurate, Beijing officials of ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, may have entered “sensitive information” about United States users, to which these officials have access, “into a .cn domain…operated by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.” In other words, TikTok may be collecting extensive personal data about United States citizens and delivering it to the Chinese Communist Party. 

Read more at Parler’s Substack, where I originally published this.

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