Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand!

Whatever disagreements we may have with her ideas or views on particular issues, or whatever issues we may have with “the Objectivist movement” (and any of us who have been involved it it for years, as I have, will likely have some of that), today we set those aside and acknowledge the value, to us, of Ayn Rand’s work. So Happy Birthday and Thank you, Ayn Rand!

For those who follow me here, but haven’t yet read her works, I would recommend first starting with The Fountainhead, as I did. (I was fortunate enough to have my HS English teacher assign the novel to us.) If you’ve already read that, but haven’t tackled Atlas Shrugged yet, I highly recommend it. The parallels you’ll see between the world Rand depicts in that novel, and the world we live in today, are incredible–and also ominous.


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