Answering AOC

I’ve started a new series of tweets. I’m calling it “Answering AOC,” and I’m tweeting in response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is emerging as the leading proponent of socialism in the United States. I’m distributing the tweets not only on Twitter, but also on Instagram and Facebook. So if you’re on any of these platforms, and you’d like to help me spread the message, please do. There are three in the series so far, and I’m pinning this one:

Oh, and as usual, I’m always grateful for your support as I embark on battle on another front. In several weeks I’ll get more formal about setting up a subscription service, doing solo shows again, etc. At the moment, I’m still recovering from the nasty bug I caught a few weeks ago. Slowly but surely…


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3 responses to “Answering AOC

  1. Zak Szalewski

    I’m looking forward to your solo shows!

  2. C R A I G

    Answering AOC, Trump. Trump supporters, etc. is a waste of your time.

  3. C R A I G

    Warnings of attack on Venezuelan opposition leader
    came days before beating

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