No Show Today

Sorry to do this so close to showtime but, due to a family emergency, I won’t be able to do the show today. I’ll return at the regular time next Friday, January 15.


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4 responses to “No Show Today

  1. Craig

    Obama to retire to Dubai?

  2. john clarke

    Did you see that the American killed in Italy was killed by an immigrant from Africa?

    Not that Craig Biddle Yaron Brook or Harry Binswanger will get worked up over this (or cologne or Rotherham).

  3. john clarke

    Amy. You said on your show that diversity is neither good nor bad it depends on the people.

    There has been a lot research on this and the evidence suggests diversity is almost always bad. Diverse societies tend to create people who are less happy less charitable , less civic minded, etc.

    One of the justifications Meriel is using for mass Islamic immigration is the low birth rate of the natives. But say you are a German couple thinking of having a large family. Does the prospect of having little Bertha and little Eva going to school with a bunch of little Muhammads put one in the mood to have children?

    I’m for Trump because of immigration. I’m a single issue voter. Everything else government does can be undone. The demographic change from mass immigration is irreversible. My suggestion would be to have open immigration for Israel for twenty years and see if the results are good or bad. I suggested this to Yaron but he said Israel had a right to retain its culture.

  4. john clarke

    While the American media is not as PC as Europe I wonder if immigrant rape is being underreported.

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