“Don’t Let It Go Unheard: New Year’s Day 2016,” Live at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Happy New Year, everyone! As you know if you’re a regular show listener, the live show typically airs Fridays at 3 p.m. ET, so today we have the opportunity to make it a New Year’s theme show. A little lighter on the politics, heavier on the applied philosophy — centered on the theme of this show, the uniquely American sense of life.

See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., I plan to discuss!

Join in live, either by phone or in the chatroom!

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Program Notes

Philosophy: Who Needs It (which contains Ayn Rand’s essay, “Don’t Let It Go”)

Rob Abiera summing up the year’s attacks on Free Speech

The 13 Most Ridiculously PC Moments on College Campuses in 2015

Faculty Focus: How Three Professors Banded Together to Beat Back a Free Speech Threat at Clemson

Obama to impose new gun control curbs next week

Why are Senate Republicans giving any more judges to President Obama in his lame duck year? HT Rob Abiera

NORAD’s Santa Tracker started with a typo 60 years ago

Economic Growth Slashed Global Poverty to Historically Unprecedented Level

Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, Poll Says HT Glenn Jameson

DNA nanobots will target cancer cells in the first human trial using a terminally ill patient

Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system HT Michael Brown

Drivers in rural Oregon to start pumping their own gas HT Michael Brown

It’s Time For Conservatives To Reject Donald Trump HT Tony Donadio

This Brilliant New Chrome Extension Blocks out Everything Related to Donald Trump HT Rob Abiera


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2 responses to ““Don’t Let It Go Unheard: New Year’s Day 2016,” Live at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

  1. john clarke

    I hope you comment on cologne. It’s clear that the left wants to transform Europe and could care less about women. I think it comes down to hatred of the white race.

  2. john clarke

    There was an article in The American Conservative today by Rod Dreher that the police knew early on that the attackers were recent arrivals and that their goal was not to rob but to sexually assault. They covered it up.

    It’s unfortunate that objectivists are for the most part ignoring this story.

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