Rick Perry and his proposed changes to the Constitution; Warren Buffett’s call for higher taxes; the Jihadist threat against David Letterman & more today at 5 p.m. PT

On Sundays I conduct a live webcast in which I discuss news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. You are invited to get in on the discussion tooday, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

If you join in live, you’ll have the ability to communicate with me via text chat and also via audio either by using a USB mic connected to your computer (VoIP) or by phone. Click here to register (it’s free). If you are not able to attend live, the recorded podcast will be available later this evening, so you can download it and listen to it at your leisure during the week.

Planned topics for today: Who is Rick Perry? Should we support his candidacy for President? Why have so many already jumped on the bandwagon just days after he declared his candidacy? What do you think of Warren Buffett’s call for higher taxes to be imposed on those who are, like he is, extremely wealthy? What should David Letterman’s reaction be to the recent Jihadist threat against his life?

UPDATE: We will need to add the latest terrorist attack on Israel to our list of topics. Andrew McCarthy provides an excellent summary and puts the events in perspective here.

UPDATE: Show is over now. I’m processing the audio file and will have the recorded podcast posted soon!


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4 responses to “Rick Perry and his proposed changes to the Constitution; Warren Buffett’s call for higher taxes; the Jihadist threat against David Letterman & more today at 5 p.m. PT

  1. Warren Buffet can give any or all of his wealth to the government if he so desires, but to urge the government to point its gun at me or at you to steal more of our hard-earned money is simply unconscionable and his urgings in this regard are pathological. The man is deeply infected with virulent altruism in that he wants the government to do his bidding by force.

  2. Generally, I do not watch or hear the musings of David Letterman, but certainly he has the right to speak his mind.

    I have not heard of any response by Letterman to this death threat from the Jihadist, but I should think that David Letterman ought to be outraged by this death threat. I certainly would be outraged if someone threatened my life.

    I have read that Letterman has increased his security and that the FBI is looking into the death threat from the Jihadist.

  3. Concerning the Palestinian/Al Queda attack in Israel on August 18, 2011, through the porous border of Egypt with the apparent collusion of the Egyptian Army: I have not heard of any response by the U. S. Government and I am alarmed by this no response because it is a sign of either a policy confusion regarding how to respond to Egypt’s role in the attack on Israel and or a blatant show of no support by our government for our ally, Israel. Where is the President when his presence is needed to stand by our ally in the Middle-East?

  4. Just wrote a piece on this (Buffett’s offer to pay more taxes) for the Metrowest Daily News. http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/opinion/x1510868118/Stopa-Warren-Buffett-should-keep-his-cash
    Hope you like it. Reach me at mike@mikestopa.com. Cheers, Mike

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