Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #26

Warren Buffett’s call for the “coddled, mega-rich” to pay more taxes. Jihadist threat on David Letterman’s life. Recent attacks on Israel: What can we learn from them? The latest on 2012 Presidential candidates (and potential candidates) Bachmann, Palin, Giuliani and Perry.

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UPDATE regarding above link to register for next Sunday’s webcast: I see GoToWebinar had tried to again impose its default of asking for your life story in order to register. I’ve fixed it now, so it’s back to just name and e-mail address. Sorry to the few of you who clicked on the link and got the 20-question treatment!

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  1. Proxywar

    You need to read THE BIG RIPOFF. People like Buffet love higher taxes so they can undermine smaller businesses then buy them out. You need to read this book to understand it thoroughly on a case by case basis. You won’t regret it.

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