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“Reason’s Plenty: What’s At Stake When Ben Shapiro Speaks At Berkeley This Week,” TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Ben Shapiro will be speaking at a “Say No To Campus Thuggery” event at UC Berkeley on Thursday. Why should you care? What’s at stake? Listen to today’s show to find out.

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Program Notes

WATCH: Shapiro On ‘Fox And Friends’ Regarding Berkeley: ‘This Is Not Going To Be A Fascist Town Run By People Like Antifa’

Berkeley Mayor: If The School Doesn’t Shut Down Right-Wing Speakers Next Month, Antifa Will Riot

SNOWFLAKE ALERT: UC Berkeley Offers ‘Support And Counseling’ For Students Offended By Shapiro’s Speech

LA Times: Berkeley braces for right-wing talk show host Ben Shapiro’s visit

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