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“Obama Lies About Jobs, Gun Violence,” today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

UPDATE after WordPress finally allowed me to access the admin for my site again:

During today’s show we discussed the lies Obama told during last Friday’s press conference about jobs data, the deficit, Congress as obstructionist, gun violence & more.

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Program Notes

Press Conference by the President

Huge Miss on Jobs Report

Obama Squeezes Republicans’ Throat on Defense Spending

Top Republicans Appeal to Ryan to Seek Speaker’s Job and Unify Party

Oregon College Student Says Gunman Smiled, Then Fired

Frat says some members involved in deadly shooting at AZ university

Comparing Death Rates From Mass Public Shootings and Mass Public Violence in the US and Europe

Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority

5 killed in Gaza as stabbing attacks, unrest continue in Israel and Palestinian territories

Texas Professors Warn Allowing Guns In Class Will Inhibit Free Speech HT Rob Abiera

NYC Bans Store Air Conditioners to Fight Global Warming HT Bosch Fawstin

This privacy activist has just won an enormous victory against U.S. surveillance. Here’s how. HT Rob Abiera

Ted Cruz Repeatedly Grills Sierra Club President With One Simple Question — Watch the Answer He Gets HT Pratik Talole

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