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“Fuck off, fascist.”

When profanity toward a government official is entirely appropriate: when she persecutes you for expressing an opinion on a scientific theory. Bravo, Alex!

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“Trying to ‘Boil the Ocean’ & Other Worthwhile Pursuits,” Today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

In an interview about his battle with Gawker, Peter Thiel said he wouldn’t fight Gawker if it wasn’t unique–that he wouldn’t “try to boil the ocean.” Is that the right approach? Why not try to “boil the ocean”? This and more on today’s show. See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., I plan to discuss.

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Program Notes

Peter Thiel, Tech Billionaire, Reveals Secret War With Gawker HT Elan Journo via Motive Power on Twitter

Press Freedom Group’s Application for U.N. Accreditation is Rejected

Court to Hear Appeal From Purvi Patel, Convicted of Feticide HT Rob Abiera

Oklahoma lawmakers open to abortion veto override HT Rob Abiera

On Behalf Of The United States, Obama Apologizes For Winning WWII

P.J. O’Rourke: I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton, the Devil We Know HT Frode Odegard

Donald Trump has exposed Marco Rubio HT Bosch Fawstin

Iranian Students Lashed 99 Times Over Party That Included Men and Women

Muslim Boys at a Swiss School Must Shake Teachers’ Hands, Even Female Ones

Professor: If You Read To Your Kids, You’re ‘Unfairly Disadvantaging’ Others HT Kira Peikoff

Senators Demand DOJ Cease Investigation Into Opponents of President Obama’s Energy Policies

“Game-Changing” Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer

Sorry, There’s Nothing Magical About Breakfast

Aristotle’s 2,400-Year-Old Tomb Found at Stagira [Photos] HT James Valiant

Philosophy: Who Needs It

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