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Introductory Logic Course Registration is Open! Special Discount for Supporters/Patrons/Subscribers

Hope you all are having a good weekend. Perhaps for many of us, the weekends aren’t looking too much different from the weekdays during this period? As for me, I’m attending to my thriving strategies of Meat, Meditation, Sleep & Sunshine each day, but I’m still adhering to a somewhat regular weekday/weekend schedule, and it’s about to ramp up a bit, in a good way!

I’m starting the 10-week Introductory Logic course on Tuesday, and I wanted to let you know about a special discount that I’m offering to my Supporters/Patrons and Subscribers: 50% off the registration price.

As I talked about on my show with James on Friday, the regular price of the course is $99.98, but those who are Patrons, Subscribers or Supporters, at the $5/month level or higher, get a special price of $49.99.

How do you become one of those? Pick the option most convenient for you:




The course will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Zoom, at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) for one hour. In addition, I’ll be holding one or more office hours per week, so you can ask questions, and I’ll be sending you an invitation to a special network–not dependent on Facebook or Google!–that will allow us to communicate as a class. Those who are unable to attend classes live will have access to recordings, and I will try to schedule the office hours at a variety of times to make sure everyone who is enrolled has an opportunity to show up and ask questions.

I am using a course textbook, but for participants it is not required, only optional. It’s the latest edition of the standard Copi/Cohen textbook that Leonard Peikoff used, and you can find it here (note that a cheaper electronic edition is also available, but I gather that edition does NOT work on kindle): https://amzn.to/3dGs5Hy

If you’d like to learn more about the course, check out the introductory webinar I gave last week: https://zoom.us/rec/share/wMFbMZis-lJIZ7f2yEraWo0ZDoPMT6a81SId_6UFmBocnr0NBxb7pPbqkQaD9W5Y

Once you’re ready to register, just send your registration fee of $99.98 ($49.99 for Patrons/Subscribers/Supporters) to me via PayPalwww.PayPal.me/AmyPeikoff and I’ll send you the invite to our class network, plus Zoom link for the live class. Let me know if you if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday; thank you for your support!


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Tucker Carlson Appearance Debriefing and More, TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Doing a live show solo today for the first time in a while! If you’d like to join me live, this is the link to use (assuming everything works):

If for some reason that doesn’t work, try looking at my channel page here:


Talk to you soon!

Oh, I almost forgot. In case you haven’t seen the appearance yet, the video is here.


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“Yoga, Penis Size, and Other Non-Presidential, Presidential Debate Topics,” today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

On today’s show Sunny Lohmann will join me to discuss last night’s GOP Presidential debate & more. See Program Notes, below, for some of the stories I plan to discuss.

Join in live, either by phone or in the chatroom!

The show can be accessed here.

To access the show’s page at BlogTalk Radio, which will allow you to check out a past episode or to subscribe via iTunes and other services, use this link.

To access the iTunes store page for “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard,” where you can find past episodes, subscribe, and leave ratings and reviews (pretty please!), use this link.

Finally, if you would like to support the show financially, please donate using your Pay Pal account or Credit Card here.

Program Notes

Chris Christie’s wordless screaming

Debate Scorecard (Ace of Spades)

It Shouldn’t Matter Who the President Is

Apple Wins Ruling in New York iPhone Hacking Order

Amazon just removed encryption from its tablet devices HT Rob Abiera

24 libraries of the world so magnificent they’ll take your breath away


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