Interview with Robb Wolf, Special Parler Q & A

Sorry it’s been so long. Funny thing happened to me: I got hired to work for Parler, doing policy. I am loving it, but I am super busy. Finally, I made time to do a show, but only in part because I’m welcoming one of my favorite people, Robb Wolf, over to Parler.

Today I had the privilege of speaking to Robb for a little over an hour. We talked about the benefits of a meat-based diet, Cancel Culture and its effects on his efforts to share his work with the world, COVID (of course), and more! Check it out here:

Make sure to check out all the great work Robb does at his web site:

And join me and others over at his community, The Healthy Rebellion.

And of course, follow him on Parler!

His latest book, co-authored with Diana Rodgers, which we discussed in the interview, is available here on Amazon: Sacred Cow.

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