Foot Voting, Migration, TEXAS, and Locals

Ok, Texas peeps, just to show you I’m not just any interloper: here’s the grave marker of Henry Henry, located at Creekmore Cemetery in Cass County, TX. He was my 3rd great grandfather. 

Note that it says on his grave marker that he was the great grandson of Patrick Henry. It would be really cool to be a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, would it not? It turns out that he was NOT the great grandson of Patrick Henry, even though it says he was in some family bible somewhere. (I am told that DNA evidence confirms this.)

I don’t know whether he lied about it, or whether his father (or someone else) did? I’m going to hope that he honestly believed he was the great grandson of Patrick Henry, and that he was proud of that fact. He was born in Tennessee in 1802, and then migrated to Texas sometime after 1860, where he lived until his death in 1876.

The several days I spent tracing my family tree to figure out whether I was actually descended from Patrick Henry, as my father told me I might have been, were quite a roller coaster, as you can imagine!

But in any event, I am descended from a freedom-loving resident of Texas, and so am not any kind of interloper 😀 

Speaking of “foot voting,” as I discussed with Dave Rubin at the end of my interview with him, I am now kicking the tires over at “Locals,” a new platform that might be described as a cross between social media and Patreon. I’d love to have y’all as members of my community as I try to get it off the ground. Go to: and use promo code DLIGBLOG to get two free months. Hope to see some of you over there, and that you’ll let me know what you think of it.

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