Brief Show Hiatus

Thank you for your patience with my lack of shows. If you’ve read my earlier post, you know that almost 2 weeks ago I discovered a substantial mold problem in the air conditioning intake of the place I’ve been renting for a few months. I’ve been sick for nearly 2 months now. (Asthma for the first time in my life, and recurring sinus infection/bronchitis on top of that, plus other symptoms.) A few days ago I got out of the place, and am in temporary lodging. Hopefully that plus my current treatment plan will get my health back.

In the meantime, I have the brief in US vs. Facebook due soon, so I need to focus on that, plus whatever steps are necessary to get my health back. So I’m taking time off from any broadcasting until I get those two priorities addressed. My goal is to resume shows by mid-October. I promise to keep you posted if that changes. Thanks again; hope you all are doing well. Please make sure to check your A/C system for mold!


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5 responses to “Brief Show Hiatus

  1. Amlan Gupta

    Feel better soon Amy. At least you know what was causing the problem.

  2. Edmund Bonczyk

    Get healthy. You are a vital thinker of jurisprudence. Your fan, Edmund Bonczyk. xoxE.

  3. Robin L. Orenbuch

    As a retired respiratory therapist of 40 years, I want to offer some things I’ve learned from my hospital job and my home troubles with mold. Unsolicited, I know, but if I can save a mind like yours, the breach of etiquette is worth it.
    Apartments are notorious for unclean duct work. Its just overlooked by landlords as its expensive to clean every five years, the recommended interval. When possible install filters just under the registers and clean them once a month. That protects you on the distal end of the air flow, And make sure the main air filter is changed every one to six weeks. It should be pleated with a MERV rating of 11 or more. That protects you on the proximal side of keeping further dust accumulation lowered in the duct work. Also, since its an apartment, should you encounter the problem again, Get one or more of those Sharper Image air purifiers, about $350. They’ll help a lot.
    As for my home, I had extensive mold growth due to a chronically moist crawlspace. All told it was $30,000 to install a French drain around the inside parameter with two diagonally opposed sump pumps, then a removal of all the insulation around the AC ducts (it was soaked with condensate), removal and replacement of the rusted ducts, the insulation wrap around the ducts and the insulation under the floor. Then for $1200 I bought a dehumidifier for the crawlspace that empties into one of the sump pump chambers. It turns out I learned that buying a house is but one small expense of owning it.
    Please get and stay well. You mean a lot. Sincerely, Robin L. Orenbuch

    • Thank you, Robin. I no longer live in that apartment, and I took my air purifier with me to my new place, where I’m not even running the central air system. Still working through a health issue that made me more sensitive to the inhaled mold, and I have one more test to do to determine whether any of the mold is still hanging out in my system. But I am hopeful all will be resolved soon. What an ordeal! The hassle and expense you have dealt with sounds like no fun at all. Hopefully there weren’t consequences for your health as well. All best wishes and thanks again!

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