For Sale: Books that belonged to Leonard Peikoff, Second Batch

As I’ve discussed on my social media accounts recently, I have a number of books that belonged to Leonard Peikoff that I am offering for sale because I no longer have space for them. Here’s the second batch. The price of each book includes domestic shipping and a letter signed by me stating that it was part of Leonard’s collection. If you need international shipping, go ahead and purchase the book below, then contact me to make arrangements for additional shipping costs. You’ll want to purchase right away, if there’s a particular book you’re interested in, because they’re first-come, first-served.

Over time, I’ll be reducing the price of books that don’t sell. So if you think I’ve priced them too high, take your chances and wait. You may be right. I’m not a professional, and I’m doing this in the best way I know how, with the least headache/most potential payoff for me. There are a LOT of books.

IMPORTANT NOTE: none of the books I’m offering here have significant markings or marginalia of any kind. For now I’m setting aside those, and may auction some on Ebay. If I do, I’ll post here on my blog about that, so make sure to subscribe (see sidebar to the right) if you’re interested.

ALSO NOTE: A number of the books from the first batch were purchased quickly. I’m deleting the listings for purchased volumes as soon as possible. Any purchase for an item already sold will be refunded. (When I’m near my computer, within a few minutes.)

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