Welcome 2019!

So much new and exciting in 2018! Tried live streaming video for the first time–and then started doing a regular show with my friend Yaron Brook. A few more appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight, including one in-studio where I got to meet him and Dave Rubin in person for the first time. Got certified in European privacy law, spoke on a couple panels at OCON, rewrote one chapter of my book and started on another. And I got to play tour guide for my boyfriend here in So. Cal., after he did the same for me in Amsterdam.

On the agenda so far for 2019: finish my book and publish it; earn another certification from IAPP; my first visit to Scotland; relearn chess & learn a new language. I’m looking forward to doing more shows with Yaron, and maybe some more media appearances–perhaps on privacy law and policy, even? Will give it my best shot!

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays with friends and loved ones. My best to you for a joyful, prosperous new year, and thank you for your support!


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2 responses to “Welcome 2019!

  1. Robert Cons

    Amy, I wish you and yours a most PRODUCTIVE, PROSPEROUS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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