This Week’s Show; Kanye West’s “Book” on Philosophy

I just got back from the auto shop; in addition to the planned brake service, my car turned out to need new spark plugs as well, so it took longer than I anticipated. Because Yaron Brook won’t be able to do a show with me this weekend anyway (he’s at the tail end of a long speaking tour), I’ll go ahead and do my own show in our usual time slot, this Saturday, at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT). Hopefully that will allow more of you to attend live 😀

Patrons and show supporters, watch for your exclusive link to attend the show live in Zoom!

And in the meantime, you might enjoy seeing what I spent my time on while in the shop this morning.

I happened to be on Twitter, and they featured Kanye West, who had just this morning started live tweeting what he’s calling a “book” on philosophy. I responded to several of the tweets; posted a sample here. In some of my responses, I’m more encouraging: after all, here’s someone in the popular culture who’s taking time to think about ideas, and actually sounds somewhat individualistic in some of the tweets. But in others, especially when he starts talking about intellectual property, I’m more critical. Check out my responses on my Twitter feed here.

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