Bolton on Snowden/NSA (June 2013): “Who died and made him King?”

Just posted a clip from an interview I did with former UN Ambassador John Bolton on June 12, 2013. The clip focuses on Bolton’s evaluation of Snowden and the NSA programs Snowden revealed just weeks before this interview. It may give you some idea of what to expect from Bolton as National Security Advisor. In particular, Bolton values “democratic legitimacy” over individual judgement, and believes that foreign aggressors are a bigger danger to the United States than our own government.

Any help you can give me sharing this interview clip is greatly appreciated!

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One response to “Bolton on Snowden/NSA (June 2013): “Who died and made him King?”

  1. Mikiel de Bary

    Not an expert on the subject, but I lean toward thinking Snowden erred in the way he blew the whistle. I don’t know if I’d consider him a traditional “traitor.” Perhaps he’s just a mixed (but serious) case.

    I don’t agree with Bolton that our worst threats are found abroad. I think we are being weakened much more from within, for the most part unwittingly, by leftists, conservatives, and centrists. (Have I left anyone out?) If we could reject our allegiance to the entitlement/regulatory state and also adopt a rational, self-interested foreign policy, the resulting spectacular economic upsurge might eventually lead the entire world to emulate our example.

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