Show Postponed Due to Power Outage

My power company has a planned power outage today, right during my normal showtime (they’re estimating from 12:30 ET to 4:30 ET). So unfortunately I have to postpone my show until Friday, due to previously scheduled appointments on Thursday. I suppose that will work out about right, because Yaron said he won’t be able to do a show with me this Saturday, due to his travel and lecturing schedule.

If the power outage doesn’t go longer than planned, I may hop online later to test out a new webcam that I got to use with Zoom, which I’m really liking. And I think I’ve figured out how to stream to YouTube. So hopefully I can get that working, too. Maybe “see” you later? Better unplug my computer now!


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2 responses to “Show Postponed Due to Power Outage

  1. Jennifer Van Dyke

    Did you see the interview Jordan Peterson did with Russel Brand?

    • I’ve seen about half of it so far. I got frustrated at about 45:50 where Brand isn’t listening to Peterson, and Peterson is about to make a point about the relevance of compassion. Is there a particular part of the interview you want to point me to?

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