On Tucker Carlson’s Show TONIGHT! Doing a cool interview on the show this Wednesday!

Two things:

1. I’ve been confirmed for my second appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight (Fox News). I’m scheduled to appear about 5:30 for a discussion on another worthwhile topic. Very excited! (And a bit nervous, now 😀 )

2. On Wednesday I have a really cool interview with “Dr. HD” of the blog, “Hormones Demystified.” Really looking forward to that!

(HERE is the BlogTalk link for the interview with “Dr. HD”.)

An exciting week….


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2 responses to “On Tucker Carlson’s Show TONIGHT! Doing a cool interview on the show this Wednesday!

  1. Craig

    Beaten, imprisoned, and barred from using computers: how cuban dissidents launched the Cuban Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian Movement


    The rattlesnake represents the libertarian principle of non-aggression: “do not step on me”, do not attack without being attacked, only in self-defense.

  2. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5832295056001/?playlist_id=5198073478001#sp=show-clips

    There was no way 5 min was enough time to make your point. It came across as mean and unconcerned about the identified problem by the host. Nice try though.

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