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Program Notes

Facebook Faces a New World as Officials Rein In a Wild Web

Purged Facebook Page Tied to the Kremlin Spread Anti-Immigrant Bile

The World’s Most Powerful Woman Won’t Call Herself a Feminist

My appearance on Fox News as a “Feminist-Atheist”

French Feminist: “I Am My Own Prophet”

A Second Conversation with Hayley Mary of The Jezabels

Speaking at Berkeley With Milo Yiannopoulos? It’s News to Them

SURRENDER: Middlebury College Cowers To Heckler’s Veto In New Speaker Policy

FERC overrules New York permit denial for Millennium gas pipeline HT Stephanie Gutmann

Governments turn tables by suing public records requesters HT Rob Abiera

Migrant who raped and killed EU official’s daughter cries as he tells court that drowning her ‘destroyed’ HIS life and that he dragged her into a river to ‘wash her blood from me’ HT Daniel Henry

Schumer on hot mic: Trump likes me HT Benjamin Chayes

European court sides with Italian farmer pushing GM crops HT Stuart Hayashi

Republicans Demand Another Vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

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