“The Project”

“The Project” that you’ve heard me refer to on my show has finally been announced by The Ayn Rand Institute! I am helping cartoonist Bosch Fawstin condense and adapt Atlas Shrugged into a script, which he will use in the creation of a graphic novel version of Rand’s work. Both exciting and daunting. The publisher is happy with what we’ve submitted so far; I’ll keep you posted as I learn more details.



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16 responses to ““The Project”

  1. Marina C

    Congratulations on the project and the collaboration, Amy. BTW, I look forward to your podcast each week. Thanks for your excellent work in aggregating the important news, your detailed program notes, and especially your clear, focused presentation.

  2. Josh Huntington

    Best wishes to you both for a successful Project!

  3. Wonderful news! I’m excited to get a copy for my daughters and me to enjoy.

  4. Jean

    Aha, the mystery project is revealed! This is such exciting news. Atlas Shrugged is in good hands and I can’t wait to see the awesome, incredible, inspiring result! No pressure, of course … 😉

  5. Robert Cons

    Go for it Amy and Bosch! Best of intelligence, skill and luck in this endeavor!

  6. Mark Waide


    M. Waide


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  9. Roger MacInness

    “When my philosophy the comic books I will know I have won” Ayn Rand

  10. Roger MacInness

    reaches (correction)

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