The Show That Might Have Been (And May Still Be on Monday)

Sorry to have to announce that I will be unable to do a second show this week (originally planned for tomorrow), due to family and other commitments.

Were I to do a show tomorrow, I would have wanted to discuss this news from the Wikileaks dump (that the DNC elevated Trump to help Clinton).

And also this piece by Ben Shapiro, among other things.

Who knows, these might still be worth discussing when I have my next show, which will be next Monday, October 17, at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT). Would your voting strategy change based on this latest revelation from Wikileaks?

Until then, be well!


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8 responses to “The Show That Might Have Been (And May Still Be on Monday)

  1. Marc Denis

    Be well Amy 🤓

    Get Outlook for iOS

  2. I missed your show yesterday on am in Denver.
    I caught Yaron Brook’s on Monday and it was great !
    Are there archives of these somewhere ?

  3. Craig

    Smile a little …

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