2 responses to ““Keeping Your Eye On The Prize,” Today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

  1. Harold

    This is a secure e-mail solution that the average person can easily use. It is based in Switzerland.
    1. Their e-mail servers are located in a nuclear proof bunker under 1,000 meters of rock.
    2. The private key never leaves your computer. The public keys are stored on the server. Only encrypted mail is handled by the server.
    3. Swiss law requires a warrant and a hearing before a Swiss court before any access can be given to law enforcement. Even if they get access, there is no info to be gained without the private key.

  2. that guy

    I’m not certain that Moleyneux was given a fair shake. Dont get me wrong there is plenty of stuff that he says that i disagree with, but i think one really has to pay hard attention to the context of what he says.

    I do think he is making a case for aggregation which is wrong but not necessarily bigotry. This aggregation leads to the leaps which ultimate obscure the relevance of the individual which is extremely problematic.

    There are biological genetic selections based largely on ethnic groups. Things like the predispositions for sickle cell. so looking at these difference should not make one a bigot. There are also regional differences in gene pools in societies that practice selective mating. This fact should also not make one a bigot for illustrating. Its hard to examine traits associated with ethnic groups without coming off as a bigot especially if the examined traits are seen as socially negative. having watched some of this content (non edited) i did not come away with the impression that this was a bigoted examination so much as a sociological one.

    The big problem is that this examination should not dictate policy nor does it address the real point of importance namely the individual. From what i have watched he was not so much indicating that this is the right way forward but more to the point of saying given the condition of contemporary statism and the policies currently engaged in you will likely see a certain group of aggregate results. This of course has the problem of aggregation multiplied with the problems of assuming correlations are causation. I don’t find this to be bigoted so much as a thought experiment with little value.

    In regards to his “cult” i haven’t seen so much of that (granted i wasn’t looking for it either). I am familiar with the term defooing which i took to mean getting the destructive (predominantly intellectually destructive) people out of your life. This is also a concept i have heard from objectivists, namely you deal with hostile situations as long as you have to and then leave.

    Im not saying molyneaux is free from problems, but i wouldn’t necessarily cast him out. I know plenty of objectivits who listen to people like rush limbaugh (me included in that group on occasion) and Molyneaux i find to be a better listen than rush when it comes to intellectual topics. Granted rush tends to be a little more fun, but he is also geared more towards entertainment.

    At any rate i didnt have the interpretation of moleyneaux that was portrayed on this episode. Im definitely going to go back and listen to him again to make sure i didn’t miss something important.

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