“Justice As Endangered Species: Encryption, ‘Billy Budd,’ & The Unity of Rights,” Today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Today we’ll discuss a number of the top stories of the week, with an initial foray into something I’m calling the “unity of rights.”

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Program Notes

Sidestepping Apple dispute, Obama makes case for access to device data

‘Chilling Effect’ of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online, Study Says

Billy Budd, Sailor

FDA’s Amarin settlement fails to establish clear guidelines for speech HT Tim Sandefur

Facebook, Google and WhatsApp plan to increase encryption of user data HT Rob Abiera

Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist

Spokesman: RNC would support Trump ‘100 percent’

Zack Snyder considering adaptation of The Fountainhead (HT Mikey Spicci)

Henry Cavill is addicted to money and fame


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3 responses to ““Justice As Endangered Species: Encryption, ‘Billy Budd,’ & The Unity of Rights,” Today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

  1. Harold



    about 90 days to go, 4.8 million registered republicans in CA
    533 people are needed to call everyone once at 100 calls per person per day average.

  2. Harold (forgotten-california-primary)


    54 congressional districts, 3 delegates per district
    +13 more for the state at large winner

    each district is a separate race

  3. Harold

    CA poll
    Trump 36%
    Cruz 35%

    Also, a senator can make a good president. Senator Harry Truman saved many American and Japanese lives when he became president by decisively ending WW2.

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