Bosch’s Appearance on The Flipside

For those of you who subscribe to the blog, but avoid social media, here’s Bosch’s appearance on The Flipside, which was broadcast around the country this weekend:

Bosch’s interview starts at about 10 minutes in, but check out the whole episode and enjoy a few laughs as well!


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2 responses to “Bosch’s Appearance on The Flipside

  1. Bosch: Just watched your too-short-by-half interview on The Flipside. Great job in encapsulating Islam. Islam is as Islam does and that’s all it can do. Hope you read my book review of “It’s All About Muhmmad” by FW Burleigh on Rule of Reason or Capitalism Magazine. Your comments on it are welcome. Ed Cline

  2. Craig

    The Philosophical Fight for the Future of America
    John A. Allison,
    President and CEO, Cato Institute,
    Retired Chairman and CEO, BB&T
    [audio src="" /]

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