Obamacare Architect’s Anti-Life Agenda, Tonight at 8 p.m. PT (11 p.m. ET)

Obamacare creator Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel stated that he wants to die at 75 and argues that this would be best for everyone. This story and more on tonight’s show. See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., we plan to discuss.

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Program Notes

Why I Hope to Die at 75

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Significant Later Works (Wikipedia)

New Jersey homeschool family ordered to follow Common Core

Biden says ‘Shylocks’ comment was ‘poor choice of words’

Texas court throws out ‘upskirt’ photo law

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Met With Standing Ovation At Yale University

Obama Plans to Tightly Control Strikes on Syria

The Air Force will now allow airmen to omit ‘so help me God’ from enlistment oaths

Apple’s Latest on Privacy and Government Information Requests



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6 responses to “Obamacare Architect’s Anti-Life Agenda, Tonight at 8 p.m. PT (11 p.m. ET)

  1. Gwen D Evans Gmail

    LOL Amy. Obamacare was designed to get rid of old non productive people. I told my husband that (as he reminded me when he read your facebook post) years ago when it first was in the discussion stages. Not by shooting or any direct means of killing, but by denying them medical care and benefits. Even if you can afford the care, the system is set up to prevent you from getting it. As you well know Obamacare is a huge economic benefit to the government as well as a means to exercise total control over the population. Just wait until it is fully implemented and there are less and less exemptions to certain groups. Hopefully you do not know any older people! Oh wait; you know me!

    My opinion has always been that anyone who voted for Obama is an IDIOT! However, since I want to live what little life I have left having fun with my dogs and with limited conflict, I really try to keep my opinions to myself and very seldom indicate on facebook what I know.

    There! I have some of that off my chest! I feel lots better…..

    Gwen D Evans


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting Gwen, and I’m glad if it’s helpful for you to vent here. I’m just surprised at how blatant Emanuel is being about the agenda. He won’t be getting any invasive tests or medical care after 75, and you shouldn’t want to, either. Total nihilism.

  2. Craig

    Highlights from Mario Vargas Llosa’s Freedom Dinner Keynote Address

    A personal journey: from Marxism to Liberalism by Mario Vargas Llosa

  3. Michael Coffman

    Dr. Emanuel is floating a trail balloon here. He’s testing the public’s level of intellectual resistance or ignorant acceptance of his rather horrific nazi-like ideas; and giving him or whomever is watching a time line of implementation.

  4. Michael Coffman

    Dr. Emanuel is floating a trail balloon here. He’s testing the public’s level of intellectual resistance or ignorant acceptance of his rather horrific nazi-like ideas; and giving him or whomever is watching a time line of implementation. This “doctor” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  5. Amy and Bosch – still undecided about new air time of the show, but a loyal listener and supporter I will remain!

    With respect to EZ-Kill Emmanuel’s complete life garbage, and as a physician, I can state that you would be surprised how many doctors have been brought into the profession in this paternalistic society mentality. While it is one thing for you to help your individual patients make informed decisions about refusing certain procedures based upon your knowledge of their lives and values, it is quite another to suggest that “society” or worse, government should have a role in those decisions. This is taught in medical ethics classes today, and has been for at least 25 years.

    I have a solution for Dr. Emmanuel, and it embraces the pseudo-market solution of carbon trading for energy resources. The Dahl Plan? Oxygen Trading Markets! If Zeke wants to stop getting health care at 75, and I want to attempt to live until 85, perhaps I can purchase 10 years of Oxygen Credits from the good doctor. He can even sell me more at a higher premium, say, for the prior ten years: Zeke stops getting care at 65, and I’ll buy his Oxygen Credits until age 95. If for some reason I don’t make it to 95, I can leave them to my wife or children through inheritance, or perhaps sell them if I get a terminal diagnosis for a big end of life bash!! There could be a thriving market for trading, with options, busts and booms related to life-saving medications or new strains of Ebola…think of the profit that could be realized with an Oxygen Credit Marketplace. I haven’t figured out how you would adjust for elevation, though, considering that people in Denver utilize less oxygen for the same years as people at sea level, but this would be a mere cost-adjustment I’m certain. Dr. Emmanuel, how did we ever get by without people like you and yours for lo these last several thousand years.

    Jim Dahl, MD

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