Is Obama “Teeing Up” an Inverse of the Battles of Marathon, Thermopylae? Tonight at 8 p.m. PT (11 p.m. ET)

Has Obama, via his policies, “teed up” an inverse of the heroic battles of Marathon and Thermopylae in Ancient Greece? This and more on tonight’s show.

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Program Notes

Ice Bucket Challenge Not Accepted by President Obama

Assad Policies Aided Rise of Islamic State Militant Group

West poised to join forces with Assad in face of Islamic State

State Dept’s Harf: “This Is Not About ISIL Versus The United States”

A Terrorist Horror, Then Golf: Incongruity Fuels Obama Critics

Chicago A Top Terror Target; Ominous Tweet Connects ISIS Threat In City

James Foley Went Looking to Support Terrorists in Syria, Instead They Cut Off His Head HT Bosch Fawstin

Israel Threatens ‘Heavy Price’ As Child Killed

Peace Through Friendship

Gazans Suspected of Collaborating With Israel Are Executed

Obama Shot Down Saturday Night Live Cartoon About Islamic Terrorism

British Prime Minister: No Freedom of Speech for ISIS Sympathizers

Texas Town Earns 89% Of Its Revenue From Fines and Forfeiture

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions

White House To Tweak Birth Control Coverage Rule For Nonprofits

Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing – and some experts argue it’s because humans have reached their intellectual peak

Google Fiber Is Fast, but Is It Fair?

Theranos Test Menu


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8 responses to “Is Obama “Teeing Up” an Inverse of the Battles of Marathon, Thermopylae? Tonight at 8 p.m. PT (11 p.m. ET)

  1. Craig

    For those of you who vote, you have to choose between candidates, none of whom embody your values completely and probably not much at all. So you have to decide what issues are most important to you, to what degree the candidates endorse your desired position on those issues and vote for the one you consider least bad on balance.

    For many Objectivists the issue that overrides all others is to have a neocon-like foreign policy.

    Suppose the next presidential election is between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul. Will you then vote for Hillary because her foreign policy would be closer to what you desire than Rand’s?

    • Few Objectivists support a “neocon-like foreign policy.” I don’t. But I also reject non-interventionism like that promoted by Ron Paul (not necessarily by Rand Paul). As of now, I could support Rand Paul over Hillary, and actually vote for him. But I reserve the right to change my mind between now and 2016, after I learn more. I am hoping, however, that the choice will be between Ted Cruz and some democrat (perhaps Hillary, perhaps not). Time will tell…

  2. Craig

    Ice bucket: Eliane Karp, former first lady of Peru.

    The guy in the red shirt is Alejandro Toledo, ex-president of Peru. My guess is that the location is the Stanford Campus.

  3. Donald Richardson

    Many Objectivists have an “invade the world / invite the world” approach. We are supposed to go to war with Moslems all over the world yet allow Europe to become Islamic through immigration.

    • “We are supposed to go to war with Moslems all over the world…”

      Who said that? When?

      Oh, and I’m against open immigration for Muslims, too. They should get tons of extra screening, unless/until we eliminate the jihadist threat.

  4. Donald Richardson

    “Who said that? When?”

    What does “going to war with states who sponsor terrorism” mean? The governments of many countries such as Pakistan have links to terrorism.

    Craig Biddle has called for attacks on Saudi Arabia and Iran (if not their destruction). ARI editorials called for war on Iraq. I haven’t heard anyone object to bombing ISIS, helping the France defeat Islamists in Malawi, continued attacks on terrorist groups in Afghanistan and other places.

    “Oh, and I’m against open immigration for Muslims, too. They should get tons of extra screening, unless/until we eliminate the jihadist threat.”

    What if there were no such think as Islamic Jihadism. Assume there are just Moslems who, when they become a majority in a country, want to impose Sharia. Would open immigration be required?

    You have probably read the stories about the town Rotherham in the UK where there have been over 1000 sexual assaults by Pakastinis of young white (and perhaps Sikh) girls.

    Now this was enabled by feckless police and bureaucrats. But what happens when the majority of police, judges and prosecutors are Moslems thanks to open immigration?

  5. Donald Richardson

    According to stuff on this post, Muslims are 3 percent of this relatively small town’s population. Yet they have perpetrated crimes that are probably worse than the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandal in all of Europe in the last 50 years.

  6. Donald Richardson

    Have Yaron Brook and Harry Binswanger been asked why the believe Israel should have open immigration?

    BTW, it’s “[to] brief Yaron and me,” not “Yaron and I.”

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