Buy from iTunes/iBooks and support the show!

There is a new way to shop and support the show in the process. I recently applied to be an Apple affiliate and the application was apparently approved, as I am now able to log in and generate links. So here goes the first link, to The Jezabels’ new album, “The Brink,” from which I’ve been featuring selections on the show:

The Brink – The Jezabels

Other music by The Jezabels can be found here:

The Jezabels

Books by Ayn Rand can be found here, in case you need to add to your iBooks library:

Ayn Rand

More fun to come! I’ll probably share a link or two in each week’s show’s program notes, as relevant/appropriate.


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2 responses to “Buy from iTunes/iBooks and support the show!

  1. Erik Magnus Foss

    Sweet! I love how you “fumble” your way towards mastery! One, among many!, reasons your podcast is by far my favorite! Keep up the awesome work, Dr. Peikoff! 🙂 …and please do keep making my Saturdays (Norway+time difference=Saturday) awesome!

    -Erik M Foss- Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks, Erik 🙂

      I had to double check the links here and on the top of the sidebar, because I found that one of them somehow didn’t have my affiliate code in it. Another fumble, and certainly not my last, but it’s a fun learning process.

      If you ever decide to try and become an Apple affiliate, just keep in mind that you won’t necessarily receive an approval email notification. I went back to check my status at the site and found it had been approved; no notification!

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