We’re Already Unilaterally Disarmed. Will We Re-Arm In Time? Today at 12 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT)

There’s been speculation about the motivation behind the publication of a study threatening world destruction as the result of even a “small” nuclear war. Is Obama planning unilateral nuclear disarmament? I’ll argue that we’re already unilaterally disarmed, even with enough nukes to destroy the world several times over. Listen to find out why, and what can be done about it.

We’ll discuss other topics, too. Check out Program Notes, below, for links to all the stories, etc., we plan to discuss.

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Program Notes

Be Present. Stay Connected. (New App) (And: Life is one long reading test!)

Last Week’s Show Harriman, Levin, and thanks to donors!

AKC National Agility Championship

Objectivist Conference 2014 in Las Vegas

Study: ‘Small’ Nuclear War Would Destroy The World

The Final Phase in Obama’s Rush Towards Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament of the United States

BRUCE: Politicians’ arrests show natural match of liberalism and corruption

PLUNGE: New poll shows Obamacare support at 26%

Poor Obama! No One Clapped for Him

Outstanding New Video From Ted Cruz: Repeal? Yes We Can!

Teacher testifies she was bullied, intimidated for opposing Common Core

Sen. Cruz and Rep. Bridenstine File American Energy Renaissance Bills

NYT: Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection HT: Gabrielle Bryant via Facebook

Snowden Declares Victory Over Obama

Don Watkins on Ending the Debt Draft


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5 responses to “We’re Already Unilaterally Disarmed. Will We Re-Arm In Time? Today at 12 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT)

  1. Jim Dahl MD

    My close friends occasionally refer to me as an old crank, so given that I hope you take my comment in the generous and friendly spirit in which they are truly delivered. My comment is on a number of medical issues that are discussed off the cuff, but without counter can leave people with perhaps not the best information. First, you (Amy) are getting over a cold, which as I’m sure you know is a viral illness. This in an infection of the mucosal tissues of the upper airway, which includes the nasopharynx, the trachea, and even the Eustachian tube. This inflammation is the source of the ear infection you had. It is certainly true that these most often clear up without antibiotics; however, antibiotics are given to this abscess infection to prevent local spread into sensitive tissues (mastoid sinuses, etc.) The ear infection clears by the opening up of the middle ear cavity to drain the abscess. This is also quite painful, which is why pain medication, including topical anesthetics are so valuable. Now, here is my beef: antibiotics do NOT make a person drowsy. Antibiotics do not give a clouded mental status. There are a multitude of actual reasons to have those symptoms which are not side effects of antibiotics. There is no class of antibiotic for which this is anything more than a placebo-equal symptom. The infection itself, even within a few weeks of initial symptoms, can cause fatigue. Medications to treat symptoms, such as antihistamines, are also common culprits. While it is true that antibiotics are overused to an extent, a rational sense of the risks and side effects for them is one of the goals of my practice of medicine. Also, your friend with the diet soda pop as water anecdote: I’d ask you to think about a few things. There are many, many, many people in my patient population who regularly use diet or regular soda as their only liquid. In Southwestern Pennsylvania, this is a sad but true fact. I’ve never seen the lesions you described in the earlier broadcast that could be attributed to artificial sweeteners. In fact, these sweeteners have had, since their introduction, perhaps trillions of doses without the symptoms your friend described in anyone but him. I’ve heard every side effect that a human being could have attributed to artificial sweeteners, but given their universal repeatedly high level exposure to millions, perhaps billions of humans, the notion that they are responsible for these ills is actually less likely than carbon dioxide causing climate change. Are there a few people who have specific sensitivities to the sweeteners or their metabolites? Sure, that is true of most every substance that humans come in contact with. Another pet peeve is the notion that chemicals are somehow bad. We are all bags of chemicals, in a world made entirely of chemicals, and our lives are endangered by some, and greatly enhanced by others, especially those which are synthetic. Carbon dioxide, the supposed scourge of our planet, is the subject of current hysteria. If we could manage to increase the CO2 concentration by 300%-400%, all life on earth would be far better off.

    Finally – remember, it’s Crony Fascism! Love the show! Also love Table for One and Pigman. Thanks so much to both of you!

    • Jim Dahl MD

      After a couple reads, the post above reads didactic. Please read it as it was meant to be posted conversationally and with GOOD HUMOR! I am a supporter, a fan, and a guy with only a few thousand little pet peeves!

  2. Craig

    Igor Birman for Congress

  3. Jim Dahl MD

    OK, now to be topical. I braved the Mark Levin podcasts for the remainder of last week and since then, and as Bosch stated, no apology or diminution regarding his demand of faith as a characteristic of a presidential candidate came forth. But there was, for me, and even greater disappointment in an hour long discussion of abortion that came a few days later. He discussed a UK report which noted that human remains were being disposed of in incinerators that are used to generate heat for hospitals. I don’t recall the specific time frame but perhaps over a few years several thousand remains were disposed of in this fashion. Here, I must make something very clear. Most abortions occur prior to 12 weeks, and as someone who has had to identify products of conception to verify that a pregnancy was terminated, I can state that these remains are microscopically tiny. Most of this tissue has to be identified as fetal under a microscope or similar magnifying equipment. This tissue is often much smaller than a human appendix, which is clearly tissue that should be incinerated as potential bio-hazardous material. This report was intentionally published to sound horrific and gruesome, when in truth this practice is rather mundane. In what is par for the course on this topic for Levin, he puts forth the most egregious practitioners who have violated standards for any outpatient surgical office as the common practice of abortion. I have had people threaten my life as I went to work at these clinics; he doesn’t know what he is talking about in the least.

    I admire Levin on limited constitutional government, but like most Conservatives he has put on blinders with respect to abortion and religion. Supporters of limited government have got to find a way to coalesce or we’ll have Hillary in office for the next eight years.

  4. Like you and Bosch, I have also listened to many talk radio and television shows—O’Reilly, Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, et al—only to grow tired of them after an accumulation of disappointments which revealed the hosts’ “misintegration” (if I may use Leonard P’s term). After staying away from talk radio for 7 or 8 years now, however, I think I’ve finally found a show, namely yours, which will not disappoint!

    Given your interest in privacy issues, Amy, I thought of you when I read this post by a favorite blogger of mine—http://www.acting-man.com/?p=29526. It seems that your local police are joining the NSA in building haystacks from cell phone data. I had never heard of the Stingray device or Tower Dumps, but they appear to be stealthily commonplace.

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