The War on Ted Cruz & More, today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

Today we’ll discuss this week’s war on Ted Cruz, and a lot more. See Program Notes, below, for links relevant to today’s show.

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Program Notes:

Taxes 😦

Audible 🙂

Ted Cruz and the Point of No Return

Thomas Sowell Makes the Case for Ted Cruz

Cruz Control? Part II

The Lesson of Dunkirk

Strassel: Another Misguided Cruz Missile

The Ted Cruz Majority

Ted Cruz’s page on Facebook

Tammy Bruce: Mitt Romney, a new comeback kid?

State Dept webchat pimps Muslim comics HT Bosch Fawstin

Islamic authority issues fatwa forbidding travel to Mars

New Obama initiative tramples First Amendment protections HT Ed Mazlish on Facebook

World Press Freedom Index 2014

The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch HT Rob Abiera

Protests Against Venezuela’s Government Escalate

This Man Says He Can Speed Cell Data 1,000-Fold. Will Carriers Listen? HT Krastio Atanassov via News Sandwich on Facebook

Smartphone Kill Switch Could Become Federal Law HT Miranda via DLIGU page on FB

Cancer: ‘Tumour monorail’ can lead cancers to their doom

Ukrainian Roots Shine Through at WhatsApp HT Rob Abiera

POST-SHOW UPDATE: The FCC has apparently changed its mind about the CIN study after the backlash: FCC Throws In the Towel on Explosive Content Study

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One response to “The War on Ted Cruz & More, today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

  1. Craig

    This is what courage looks like.
    Maria Corina Machado calls Hugo Chavez a thief to his face.

    Her voice wavered, but she spoke the truth anyway.

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