Free Shipping at Our Spreadshirt Store


Today is Ayn Rand’s birthday — she was born 109 years ago today. Coincidentally (because of Valentine’s Day), Spreadshirt is having a free shipping special. Use the code LOVELY14 when you buy two or more shirts to get free standard shipping. At our Spreadshirt store you can get high quality American Apparel t-shirts with Bosch Fawstin’s Ayn Rand graphic (shown here), as well as t-shirts for “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” and @AynRandBot.

Check it out, and let us know if there’s another type of product you’d like to see in the store!


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3 responses to “Free Shipping at Our Spreadshirt Store

  1. Craig

    Lesley Gore – You Don’t Own Me

  2. Craig

    From the February 2014 issue of International Speculator
    (from Casey Research):
    To close, let me wrap up my comments above with one more thought: Never let anyone make you feel ashamed of your goal to make a boatload of money. Whether you do so by speculating in the markets, speculating as a venture capitalist, speculating by creating a new business of your own, speculating on creating a work of art, or any other form of speculation that involves doing something of value, you should be proud. In so doing, you participate in a market process—Adam Smith’s invisible hand—that benefits our entire species. You deserve to be rewarded for creating as much value as you can.

    This is not greed; it’s justice.

    Louis James
    Senior Metals Investment Strategist
    Casey Research”

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