Today: Tammy Bruce Show from 10-12 PT, then DLIGU from 1-2

Today I’ll be guest hosting the Tammy Bruce show again, along with cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, from 10-12, PT. And then, because I don’t think I can manage four consecutive hours of hosting, I’ll be taking an hour off before hosting a shorter “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” from 1-2, PT. And in the second half-hour of DLIGU, I’ll be welcoming Brooke Goldstein, director of The Lawfare Project and frequent commentator on Fox News. Read more about Brooke here.

Catch the live Tammy Bruce show here. For Tammy’s show, live chat and recorded podcasts are available only to Tammy Army Members. But you may also get a recording of my Tammy Bruce guest hosting appearances by becoming a contributor to this show here. I’ll be sending out a recording to contributors shortly after my own show ends this afternoon.

Here’s the link for my own show and live chat. The same link will take you to the recorded podcast after the show is over.

“See” you all later!


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2 responses to “Today: Tammy Bruce Show from 10-12 PT, then DLIGU from 1-2

  1. Craig

    Individual Rights, Objectivism and Law
    Yaron Brook
    August 6, 2013
    Universidad Francisco Marroquín

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