Guest Hosting for Tammy Bruce tomorrow, 10 a.m. PT, with special guest Yaron Brook

Tune in tomorrow when I guest host for Tammy Bruce, 10 a.m. – 12 noon, PT. (Thank you, Tammy, for inviting me back again!)

As usual, I will be joined by cartoonist Bosch Fawstin in the studio to discuss the news of the day, but I am also pleased to be welcoming, during the first hour, Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. The topic I have planned to discuss with him is that raised in the comments to my Friday, 9/27 show: The impasse in Washington this week seems to be further evidence that reason and persuasion are not enough. Moreover, the Common Core and immigration of left-leaning voters will likely make it even harder to change the culture by these means. What should we do?

You can listen to the live show here. And, if you’re a Tammy Army Member, you can join in the TAM chat. As usual, Tammy Army Members and supporters of my show will be given access to a podcast recording later in the day.

Hope to “see” you there!


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4 responses to “Guest Hosting for Tammy Bruce tomorrow, 10 a.m. PT, with special guest Yaron Brook

  1. Thanks for addressing last week’s discussion. I enjoyed Yaron’s take on the effectiveness of reason and persuasion. The expectation of positive results should be considered long term and methodical.

  2. Craig

    Interview with Lavabit Founder Ladar Levison,
    The Rosa Parks of Internet Freedom

  3. Gayle Parker

    Its so good to know there are principled people out there like you who understand right from wrong and stood up when it comes to the abuse of individuals private property rights. So thank you. I’m so sorry you were forced to lose your much needed business. Where will this all end? All the best in the future.

  4. Craig

    More of the Ladar Levison interfiew.

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