Cyrus, Socialism and Syria today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

We’ll start with the obligatory discussion of Miley Cyrus’ “twerking” at the VMA’s last weekend, and then discuss socialism in health care, education and in Obama’s fondest dreams. We’ll also discuss Syria, Ted Cruz and Anthony Weiner. See Program Notes, below, for links to stories we plan to discuss.

Join in on the discussion live, either by phone or in the chatroom!

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Program Notes:

My appearance on Leonard Peikoff’s podcast, discussing the third-party doctrine, NSA and Snowden

St. John’s Law Review

Yaron Brook on Facebook and Twitter

Obama pick for NSA review panel wanted paid, pro-government shills in chat rooms

Miley Cyrus’ booty-shaking VMA performance gets quite the reaction

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: August 2013

Text of Obama’s Speech at the “Let Freedom Ring” Ceremony Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Slate: If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You are a Bad Person

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to do.’

WSJ: U.S. Prepares for Solo Strike on Syria After Britain Balks

Syria: just enough of a strike not to be “mocked”

Is Weiner renting his supporters?

Cato: Yes, Ted Cruz Can be President

The tao of Ayn Rand


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3 responses to “Cyrus, Socialism and Syria today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

  1. Bob Thatcher

    Take Kerry at his sincere word.
    Poison gas bombs are evil weapons therefore if you use them we will bomb you. This is the international version of ‘guns are evil, let’s ban them’.
    This falls into the idea the Left has been pushing for ages, that it’s the
    weapons that are evil, not necessarily the purpose they are put to.
    It’s the ‘ban the bomb’ mentality. The ultimate goal is unilateral
    disarmament of nuclear weapons. The Left is already far down the line on
    this with the treaties / bans on chemical weapons that already exist. Bans on biological weapons are there also. And many others are targeted such
    as mines, cluster bombs, napalm, flame throwers and of course nuclear
    weapons are the goal. Anything that could be used against a country, not
    just individual military in uniform. This also goes along with avoiding
    ‘collateral damage’ on any ‘civilian’. But what about the ‘civilians’ who
    make the bombs, guns, bullets, clothes, food, etc., and pay the taxes to
    pay for it all.

  2. Bob Thatcher

    I did not find her sexy. Emotionally this was a pre teens version of what
    adult sexuality is supposed to be about. A child’s version of sex. Sort of finger pointing bathroom sex.
    Mr. Thick may have known what was coming because he tried to compete with her with the b & w striped suit. But he didn’t really react to her very much, as if she wasn’t really sexy. Read AR article about conformity and non-conformity as two sides of the same coin vs. the virtue of independence.

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