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5 responses to “Immigration, Internal Revenue & Idiocy, today at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET)

  1. Atul

    Hi Amy,

    You asked me during the show why I wrote in the chatroom, “Out of 5 amendments proposed by Ted Cruz, 1 was good, 1 was mixed, and 3 were bad”. Here are my reasons:

    Amendment 1: Border Security
    Multiplies by several times resources and personnel in border patrolling, border equipment, and fencing

    – I think this one is bad because he focuses too heavy on building a fortress, not at all on the military, and very little on biometric and criminal background checks (which I think are the key to securing national borders). His approach seems too concrete-bound, but I might be a little too harsh.

    Amendment 2: Benefits (welfare?)
    Indefinitely denies benefits to anyone who has ever stayed unlawfully

    – While I’d prefer welfare to be abolished for everyone, the reason I think this one is bad is because it sets no time limit at all, and even provides no benefits in cases where immigrants would be paying taxes all their lives.

    Amendment 3: Citizenship
    Denies US citizenship to anyone who has ever stayed unlawfully

    – I thought this is bad before I listened to today’s podcast, but I am now confused. On one hand, I don’t blame those who flee un-free countries even if it means risking jail for breaking US law. On the other, I find compelling Dr. Binswanger’s distinction between granting citizenship vs. permanent residency.

    Amendment 4: Legal immigrants
    Increases numbers of family-based and employment-based visas. Creates many new visa categories, such as advanced degree-holders, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

    – On a second reading of the text of the amendment, this one seems all good. Not sure why I previously counted it as mixed.

    Amendment 5: Spouses of employed temporary visa-holders
    Spouses of those holding temporary employment-based visas will be eligible for employment.

    – This one is all good.

    Overall, I agree with your assessment that Cruz is much better than most of his peers.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I was wondering if posting show notes (links to articles and videos that you talk about during the show) after the show airs would be a good idea. That way listeners can relax and listen even more closely to the show instead of searching for all that while you’re on the air.

    Thank you.
    Great show.

    (Is it me or the caller named Robert sounds like Joe Pesci?)

  3. Mel McGuire

    Rand Paul’s comment is the best thing I’ve heard coming out of Washington in years. It was so appealing because I was incensed that Tim Cook had been brought up before this hearing.

    I see from Paul’s Wikipedia page that he’s considering a run for President in 2016. I don’t know much about him, but, from the Wikipedia info, he seems far far better than Romney and he doesn’t look to be a hard-core Religious Right guy. However, a negative I see there is his perfect score from the National Right to Life Committee. He also received an endorsement from Mike Huckabee–ouch! So, a big question for me is whether he could win without making a lot of promises to the R.R.: court appointments, cabinet appointments, VP, softness on the separation of church and state, a personhood amendment, … and even hindering the efforts of Mikey Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation to keep Xn fundamentalists from turning the military into “God’s Army.” (As the MRFF makes more headway, it will get noticed more by the R.R. and will become a bigger issue.)

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