More on the Jihadist Attack in Boston; Bush 2016?! And more, today at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET)

Today’s Show: More on the Jihadist attack in Boston, including: Did the FBI & CIA drop the ball? And, if you defend privacy and “civil liberties,” are you a hypocrite for asking that question? Are people starting to question Islam as such — and change the terminology they use to refer to our enemy — as a result of the atrocity in Boston? Might this even be having an effect on how Obama deals with the “Arab spring” going forward?

Will the GOP try and run ANOTHER BUSH for presdient in 2016? Really?

And more!

Join in on the discussion live, either by phone or in the chatroom!

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6 responses to “More on the Jihadist Attack in Boston; Bush 2016?! And more, today at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET)

  1. John Kenny

    Yesterday, I saw a comment by Barbara Bush. She thinks Jeb is the most qualified to be POTUS, but she wants “no more Bushes” in the White House. Excellent idea.

  2. Madmax

    Are people starting to question Islam as such — and change the terminology they use to refer to our enemy — as a result of the atrocity in Boston?

    I’ll give you credit Amy for at least raising the Islam issue. The rest of mainstream Objectivism has proven to be as cowardly and as suicidally stupid about this as the Left. Islam is evil. Muslim populations are dangerous. Gee, when will the Objectivist take note of this? And give us something more than the weak commentary that we have seen so far; such as the idiotic things ‘The Objective Standard’ has been posting at its blog.

    The Objectivist movement and its “intellectuals” have proven to be a joke. When mainstream Objectivists openly and explicitly state that Islam is evil, the Left is evil and Muslim populations are dangerous is the day that the movement will be worthy of being treated seriously. Until then, give me an anti-Islam Conservative, even if he’s a PaleoCon, over an Objectivist any day of the weak.

    Geert Wilders is a far more heroic man than ANYONE in the Objectivist movement. We need men like him that understand the importance of out-migration of Muslims from Western nations. But oh no, I’m a “collectivist” and raaaaaccccisssstttt to boot.

    I could spit.

  3. Madmax

    For Michael, Jim May, Andrew Dalton (arguable the most boring Spock-like drone in the Objectivist movement – with a very long head to boot) and anyone else that considers me extreme. Answer my points:

    1) What is the difference between “Islamism” and Islam? Also, what is “radical Islam” and how does it differ from Islam?

    2) Would the Boston bombings have not occurred if we bombed Iran? What of the 2 million Muslims in America and the 60 million (!!) Muslims on the European continent?

    3) Why are Muslims not a 5th column population in Western Nations? Do any of you actually know what the Muslim Brotherhood has planned? Is the Muslim Brotherhood a “radical Islamist” organization? Is it Amish?

    4) Can the Muslims and Leftist multiculturalism exist in the same time and place? Is A still A?

    5) If Hispanics vote 75 percent for Democrats, does letting more of them in bode well for the Republican party? Can America be saved by giving the Left control of the government indefinitely? What if every city in America were like Detroit and you didn’t live in a multi-million dollar ranch in the whitest section of America like Diana Hsieh?

    6) Are Ed Cline and Grant Long (formerly an O’ist blogger, ie “The Dougout”) racist and unhinged? Just racist? Do the Sparrow Hawk novels officially exist anymore?

    Alright. I need to stop. Heads are exploding and Jim May and Andrew Dalton need time to come up with snarky witticisms. And twitter them no less!

    May the non-existent Christian God help the Objectivist movement.

    • Andrew Dalton

      Ooo, here’s an interrogation that I have to answer for Doug Bandler’s amusement. I’ll get on that pronto.

      By the way, Doug, now that you’ve turned the rage up to 11 (since a long time ago), what will you do next when people still disagree with you?

      • Madmax

        You have no answers Dalton. All you have is petty snark; i.e. “catamite”. If you and that other drone Jim May (he who married his mother) are the future of the Objectivist movement then Objectivism has no future. And judging by the pathetic Objectivist response to the Muslim killings in Boston, that may very well be the case.

        As for you idiotic question, I have better questions for YOU. What will YOU do when YOU or YOUR loved ones are the victim of:

        1) Muslim atrocities
        2) Black on white murder or rape

        No. It will never happen to you.

        Until it does.


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