Taxes, Twinkies, Terrorism and Testimony, Today at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET)

Planned topics for today’s podcast: Republican politicians and pundits are preparing for Congress to cave on taxes. Hostess Brands is the latest casualty of government interference in the economy. Israel acts to defend itself from terrorist attacks while the media misrepresents the nature of the conflict and the U.N. calls for *Israel* to show restraint. General David Petraeus resigns amid scandal and then changes his story when testifying before a House committee investigating the attacks on Americans in Benghazi — are these two related somehow?

Call in, or participate in the chat room, to add your questions and comments to the mix!

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5 responses to “Taxes, Twinkies, Terrorism and Testimony, Today at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET)

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  2. jayeldee

    Thanks for another interesting podcast. I’m gratified to know that you were as “taken” with Gutfeld as I was. He was a breath of brisk air, wasn’t he, in the fetid atmosphere that O’Riely (sp.?—who cares?) has established, in that time slot. (I actually despise FOX—but it’s still the only “news” network I’ve found I can watch, on any more or less regular basis.) In addition to his generally uncompromising and even principled demeanor (one example of which you cited, on the matter of debt reduction), I found his metaphors witty and amusing…. I quote from memory: “In the Benghazi debacle, the government has now manufactured more tales than a tuxedo factory.”

    I also sensed some significant “chemistry” with Perino. I’d like to see the two of them, playing off each other, on a regular basis. And I told FOX as much, in an email after the show. I didn’t say so in that mail, but they really ought to jettison both O’Really (sp.?) and Hannity—both of whom are insufferable, stodgily avuncular bores.

    (Ben Stein came off as what he is [and has always been]—a fat, windbagging slob. Gutfeld called him “a communist”—sort of in jest, of course. Sort of.)

  3. JGB

    You should bring up Rand Paul and his expressed interest in running for the next election. At least something to help us defend against strong supporters and to show them why Rand Paul is not the ideal candidate.

  4. Craig

    Cheer up, there is virtue in the world.

    Dynasties of the Sea (by Lori Ann LaRocco)
    & Wilbur L. Ross interview.

    [audio src=",_Jr._files/Wilbur%20Ross%2011%3A22%3A2012.mp3" /]

    Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., Chairman and CEO WL Ross & Co. LLC, is one of the top turnaround financiers in the world.

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