Join In Live For Our Final Show Before the Election, Today at 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST)

PLANNED TOPICS: Does a big storm require big government? And, since this is our final show before the election, we want to hear from you: Are you voting? Why or why not? Do you have a prediction of the outcome? How will you spend election night? We will, of course, take one last shot at convincing you to go out and vote for Romney/Ryan.

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9 responses to “Join In Live For Our Final Show Before the Election, Today at 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST)

  1. Craig

    I voted once in my life, when I was too young to know any better. I’ll never do it again.

    Obama will win; he is the most philosophically consistent of the two.

    • jayeldee

      I think you must mean, “Obama ‘should’ win”… ?

      But I think it’s arguable that philosophical consistency matters much, in a country awash in pragmatism (at least, in the context of a national election). I also don’t know how one would go about verifying such “consistency” as being the paramount reason for his being given another go at us, should it come to that. An interesting point, though.

  2. Harold

    I voted for Romney in FL by mail. I didn’t even have to hold my nose this time. Gary Johnson was not even a temptation especially after the LIBs non-response to Benghazi.

  3. jayeldee

    Another interesting podcast, Amy…. I do still find the notion of Romney being “irreligious” a little–nay, a lot–hard to swallow. I think Mormons are typically quite good at “covering their tracks;” that’s one reason their oddball religion has an air of “mystery” about it. Unless they’re actively proselytizing, they keep it well out of the limelight, perhaps out of some inbred fear of persecution. (And Roman Catholics are no slouches either, in this regard. That I know for a fact–having myself been “raised” and “educated” as one. In my experience, the modern ones, at least, reek of hypocrisy–and are not to be trusted to the slightest degree.) …. But given the chance, both types, I’ve no doubt, will foist their “values” upon you at the drop of a hat.

    They may, now, get that chance. (But not by my hand.)

  4. jayeldee

    The Republicans deserved every one of their losses; I’m glad they were incurred.

    The Democrats deserved none of their wins; I’m sorry they materialized.

    And the country? It was bound to lose–either way.

    • Craig

      The only Republican who could have beaten Obama was Ron Paul because he is the only one who had any sort of philosophy.

      However, if Ron Paul had been nominated, Objectivists would have voted for Obama in horror at the prospect of a Ron Paul presidency.

      • jayeldee

        You are probably right, on both counts. Except, on the second count, add the qualifier, “many” (or “most”), to “Objectivists”– because I, for instance, would have abstained in that case, too.

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