Socialism in Eight Words

Those who are on Twitter know about the games people often play there. For example, yesterday people were playing one called “Less Ambitious Book Titles,” in which you are asked to make a variation on a book title that sounds less ambitious than the original and follow it with the tag, #LessAmbitiousBookTitles. One player offered, for example, “Atlas Took It” instead of “Atlas Shrugged.”

Another game I saw yesterday was called “Socialism In Eight Words,” and I couldn’t resist joining in. Here’s what I came up with:

Because your life’s work belongs to the state.

Who needs to work, when you can mooch?

Slaves as far as the eye can see.

Down the slippery slope from a mixed economy.

Trying desperately to pretend that stealing is good.

Your mind and body belong to the state.

“The common good,” taken to its logical conclusion.

And, my favorite (which I thought of second):

Sharing your toys was just a warm up.

One person on Twitter, and another on Facebook, thought that Rand described Socialism in eight words better than anyone:

Hatred of the good for being the good.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that quotation was the inspiration for the game in the first place…


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6 responses to “Socialism in Eight Words

  1. Tim Scharff

    Well said, Amy! Here’s another…
    “Making everyone equal… equally poor, desperate, and dead.”

  2. John D. Skiff

    Leveling the playing field by razing the stadium.

  3. “Not yours–ours; but, not ours–The State’s.”

  4. “Why aren’t you working? I need more stuff.”

  5. Jeffrey Y

    “There is only Ours; never Yours or Mine.”

  6. “You are obligated to give By Law!”

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