Archive Recording of Today’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” is available at BlogTalk Radio

You can listen to or download a recording of today’s episode here.


“Occupy Black Friday” — Why was it a failure? And were Tea Party groups right to promote “Small Business Saturday” as a response? (Hint: I argue they weren’t, even though they had the right to do so.)

Bosch spoke on a panel at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, in which the topic of discussion was what terms we should use when referring to the enemy’s ideology — “Islam” or “Islamism.” (The panel, along with numerous discussions on this topic, inspired me to write this blog post earlier this week.) We discuss the issue, and get your input.

The GOP Foreign Policy Debate: What we learned about the candidates, and why Newt Gingrich’s supposed gaffe on immigration just wasn’t that bad.

A brief discussion of the NBA Lockout and the power of the player’s union.

Thanks to all who attended live and participated in the chat room. And to the caller who had sound problems: please try again next week!


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5 responses to “Archive Recording of Today’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard” is available at BlogTalk Radio

  1. proxywar

    Would you add the adjectives totalitarian, fundamentalist, devout, fanatic, radical to violent/judeo-christian value promoting Christians? If, no, then why are you adding them to Muslims? I don’t understand why you keep trying to qualify violent/sharia promoting Muslims with any of those adjectives. It’s quite mind boggling to me that you keep trying to fit that square peg in a round hole. If one is following the Bible or the Quran to a T they are a christian and muslim by the very definition. Do you seriously think back in the 1st or 7th century any of those Christians/Muslims would considered themselves any of those adjectives you are trying to modify them with? I don’t think so.

  2. proxywar

    If these sheeple want the difference between the two I will simply tell them one follows it to a T and the other does not. The latter I consider Muslims in name only and the former I consider Muslims from the days of Islams creation. Then I’ll tell them you remember how horrible christians were before their reformation? Same goes for the former here only they haven’t ever had a reformation. Now, go read a book by Ibn Warraq/christopher hitchens.

  3. proxywar

    Muslims are doing exactly what their faiths ask them to do. Those who do the opposite of what their faith tells them to do are Muslims in name only. You’re emotion for half assed praticing muslims is over ruling your reason for what a muslim actually is. You are coming off as someone who wants to take the pressure off Muslims in name only. STOP IT! The goal is to be honest and bring it to all Muslims of every stripe. That’s how christianity was reformed. Point is, none of these adjectives you are throwing around would be accepted by violent/sharia promoting MUSLIMS who actually have the evidence to back up their stance that they are the actual muslims.

  4. Talal

    the issue of the size of a corporation is something I’ve heard libertarians complain about a lot. Apparently there is something inherently bad about the bigness of a corporation and the most often cited source on this particular topic is Adam Smith.

  5. Keenan Nichols

    Amy, you mentioned that Ron Paul kept referring to Timothy McVeigh in the last debate instead of any Muslim terrorist. I see that he loves Islam, but if you consider is anti-government anarchist base, why does he hate McVeigh? The difference of the two is McVeigh was anti-government and attacked government. The Muslims attack citizens. Maybe he doesn’t get this connection, but this shows that he hates America first above his hatred of government.

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